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Title: Cooking for Beach House in Nova Scotia: The Dinner Bell

Description: In the second episode of The Dinner Bell, Julia links up with her boyfriend Chris as he accompanies—and plays drums for—the Baltimore-based band Beach House on their cross-Canadian Northern Exposure tour. When she sees that the band's month-long stretch lands them in Nova Scotia over Canadian Thanksgiving, she packs her bags full of kitchen equipment, ? la some kind of down-and-out Mary Poppins, and heads north. Hitting the ground running, she is shown the lay of the land (and sea) by passionate locals who help her source some of the area’s best ingredients for an elaborate meal. Forager Jonathan Newell (whose voice is a dead ringer for Friday Night Lights' Coach Taylor) kindly gives Julia a tour of a little-known culinary hideaway. For the freshest shellfish Halifax had to offer, she turns to Dave Adler, head of the community-supported fishery Off The Hook, who—along with his young son Noah—leads her on a successful mussel hunt through the back coves of Lower Prospect. The final stop: downtown treasure Ratinaud—for, as any good host can tell you, kicking a dinner off with a well-stocked charcuterie and cheese platter buys you more quality time with your guests. Finally, after a day of relaxation and recovery in the oceanside retreat, the friends all sit down to a recuperating feast of wood-smoked wild mussels, roasted pumpkin and turnip greens, and homemade wintergreen ice cream sundaes with walnut shortbread. Recipes: Hot Fudge: Bread: Mussels with Toasted Almonds, Fennel, and Periwinkles: Walnut Shortbread: Ice Cream: out 'The Dinner Bell: A Birthday Dinner in the North Fork' - courtesy of Boutique Homes: to Munchies here: out i