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Pre-order Akili's Alphabet App Now (For iOS) | App Store (Link in Description)
Title: Pre-order Akili's Alphabet App Now (For iOS) | App Store (Link in Description)

Description: Link to the App Store: Alphabet gives your 3 to 6-year-old a head start in developing their literacy skills! By matching letter sounds and shapes, they will become familiar with the alphabet and also learn new words and songs! With the help of Akili and her friends, your toddler will discover that learning can be fun, and build an enthusiasm for developing their pre-literacy skills that will help them succeed in the first grade! WHY CHOOSE AKILI'S ALPHABET? - QUALITY: Created in Africa by a skilled team of education experts, app developers, graphics designers, animators and sound engineers - ASSURED: Designed with kids in mind and based on research into how preschoolers learn best - REPRESENTATION: Akili is a curious and smart four-year-old who wants to learn... the perfect role model for all children - TRIED AND TESTED: Thousands of children have used the app and they love it (so do their parents)! HOW IT WORKS From the rainbow home screen you can choose a letter to learn. Then find and drag the matching letter into the letter’s shape. Whenever you touch a letter it will make a sound, this will help your child learn to also identify letters by their unique sounds. Once you get it right, you’ll be rewarded with pictures of items that start with that letter and a song to help you remember the letter and new words! LEARNING BENEFITS - Identify letter sounds - Match letter shapes - Learn new words through songs - Play independently - Learn at his/her own pace - Have fun learning These all help to develop your child's pre-literacy skills, meaning they will be ready to excel when they enter the classroom! KEY FEATURES - Learn over 80 new words - Play in a safe, secure space - MADE for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds - NO high scores, so no failure or stress - Works OFFLINE, without an internet connection THE TV SHOW Akili and Me is an edutainment cartoon from Ubongo, creators of Ubongo Kids and